Another loss, but at least there was progress

The Miami Dolphins dropped to 0-3 for the preseason, after losing to the Atlanta Falcons at home last night 23-6. Even though this was the Dolphins largest margin of the defeat so far this preseason, at least there were some areas that they improved on.

The running game looked potent with both Reggie Bush and Daniel Thomas ripping through the gaps. A large part of the success of the running game can be attributed to better play from the offensive line. Even though the offensive line was not great, they definitely improved, by creating holes for their running backs, and only allowing 1 sack.

Ryan Tannehill’s stats were a paltry 11 for 27 for 112 yards and one interception, but they were very deceiving because there were at least 5 to 7 passes that were flat out dropped, including a potential touchdown dropped by Fasano. Fasano and Naanee looked like their hands hand been lathered up in butter before the game. Hopefully Brian Hartline can be healthy for the start of the season, because besides Bess, there is no one in this receiving corp that has proven themselves worthy of a starting spot.

For all the problems that the defense had in the first two games, they stiffened up against one of the best offenses in the league, and at least showed some back bone. The starting defense bent, but did not break, only giving up 9 points in the first half, and yielded only 175 yards. They continued to allow big plays on 3rd and distance, but the D-line looked stout only giving up 69 yards on the ground, and had a nice 4th down stop.

Obviously for football gambling fans, the Dolphins are still not worth a wager, but at least phins news fans can at least admit that this work in progress is progressing in the right direction


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  • Owl

    I was @ the Game had a good feel for it, the QB is going to be ok, totoal aberation that you have that many drops in a single game, ATL is a good tueam and M turner is a beat, its looked like out run D is going to be ok even when there we missing Karlos and Burnet….

    • Jimmy Bourbon

      Nice… yeah i thought they play respectable, and honestly thats all we can ask for right now, we need a WR to step it up, maybe they can find someone on the waiver wire

  • Ireland is a country not a GM

    Defense did look better last night, although for this team to win, the D is going to have to reincarnate the 85 Bears D. I just see a lot of field goals and fist pumps again this year from the offense.

    The run game showed promise, but the drops…my God the drops. I hope Philbin is smart enough to realize that we must run the ball – given the “talent” on this team – to have any success and to keep the D off the field. I know this isn’t a recipe for success, but I’m struggling to see any WR so far that could even start on another team, save for Bess. When you’re mentioning Hartline in terms of hope at helping the WR corps, you know this is a major issue. I’m just hoping that Tannehill can stick it out until the Phins get some talent outside…assuming Señor Ireland actually addresses this need in the offseason. I’m hiding all sharp objects on Sundays in the 561.

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