Above expectations?

I do not want to be presumptuous and speak out in behalf of the entire phins news nation, but at least in my view Ryan Tannehill as so far played above and beyond my expectations.  It was assumed that RT would be the future QB of the Miami Dolphins, but at the moment the future is not a year or two away, but appears more like weeks or months away.  By the time this season is in the books football gambling fans would be wise to bet on seeing RT as the Miami Dolphins starting QB.

Even though RT was absent from two days of training camp, his expertise in playing in Mike Sherman’s offense at Texas A&M has catapulted him right into the thick of the race for the starting QB.  Now with David Garrard having arthroscopic surgery on his knee, and estimated to be out for 2-4 weeks, the contest for the starting QB has taken a very interesting twist.  As a result both Matt Moore and RT will benefit from Garrard’s absence by getting more repetitions at practice.  RT will benefit even more, by being able to have more opportunities to practice with the starters and second stringers.

Already the media is clamoring to see RT start in the next preseason game against the Carolina Panthers, so phins news fans can see how RT will be able to preform against a starting NFL defense.  As good as RT’s performance was in the first preseason game, it must be taken with a grain of salt, since he did not play against the more skillful 1st string defense of the Tampa Bay Bucs.

Either way, RT looks very comfortable in Miami’s new offense, and football gambling fans can bet their vintage Marino jerseys, that RT is only going to get better, and Matt Moore is one poor performance away from being benched in favor of the “People’s Choice.”


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  • Ryan

    I could not agree more. A month ago, it seemed ludicrous to think that Tannehill would be in the hunt for early season playing time to say nothing of being the opening day starter for the phins, but in light of Garrard’s injury, Moore’s mediocreness, and Tannehill’s progress the notion of Tannehill as the opening day starter should be strongly considered.

    • Jimmy Bourbon

      I think this is actually a pleasant surprise and at the moment I am starting to become more excited about RT, but we phins fans know the danger of getting ahead of ourselves. So even though RT has been a pleasant surprise, there is still going to be a painful learning curve.

  • Don

    Could it finally be the man to replace Marino after all these years?

  • dante

    Start Tannehill and if he stinks we can always go back to Moore. we arent going to win this year anyway so get him nfl experience for year one

    • Jimmy Bourbon

      I agree, the best way to see what we have in RT is let him play. And the only way he is going to get better, is with game time experience.

  • phinfreak

    Well if the Fins have any inkling in starting RT, they had better find a running game quick! Fins dont have personnel to pass 60%-70% of plays no matter what scheme, fast or slow tempo.

    Fins must establish the run, hold the ball, convert 3rd downs, keep D off the field, and control the game, because if Fins rely on RT or MM, its gonna be a very long season.

    Lets not even start on the D side of the ball.

    • Jimmy Bourbon

      Haha yeah, well hopefully Reggie Bush can produce like he did last year, and maybe Daniel Thomas will step it up. Yeah the D especially the secondary scares me

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