Interesting Trade Rumor: Cowboys eying Lamar Miller

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Come to our Shop and Purchase our original Phins T-shirt for only $20! Rumor noun ru·mor \ˈrü-mər\– a story or statement in general circulation without confirmation or certainty as to facts. That is the definition of the word rumor in the dictionary, however as wacky or as far stretching as rumors can sound, sometimes they do come true. With that being […]

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Guarding Optimism


Third round pick Dallas Thomas is entering his third season bearing the heavy burden of “Miami Hopefuls” on his shoulders. Thomas is the lead dog at guard along with second year man Billy Turner, fourth round pick Jamil Douglas and free agent utility men T/G Linkenback and G/C Mclendon. With stellar talents on bookends and at center (prayerfully Pouncey has fully […]

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