Offensive Line Made A World Of Difference?


Everything revolves around the play of the Offensive Line — even the defense. The Miami Dolphins  made an effort this offseason to upgrade the Offensive Line by drafting Laremy Tunsil and signing Jermon Bushrod. On paper, this group with Albert, James, Pouncey, Tunsil, and Bushrod was supposed to be a massive improvement from previous years. Unfortunately, the injury bug hit this […]

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Now, This Is The Dolphins We All Expected From Gase


No one expected THIS kind of run game — except Jermon Bushrod. I had hoped  — with fingers crossed and “lucky” Dolphins mini-helmet clutched tight — to see Miami Dolphins run the ball better…and maybe, just maybe, even find a way to win if the stars aligned. While I had hoped for it, I never expected it…much less with the dominance they showed against a top-ranked Pittsburgh Steelers. Jermon Bushrod was wiser than […]

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Has The Tannehill Experiment Failed?


Has the experiment of WR turned QB, turned Dolphins cornerstone failed? The Miami Dolphins experiment of Wide Receiver turned Quarterback Ryan Tannehill has continued with new coaches, a new scheme and some new players; but, it’s been the same old Dolphins results: lots of losing. Yes, the Defense is still getting run over. And yes, the offense still fails to protect and open holes consistently, […]

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