Anyone Else Hate The N.Y. Jest?!!


I remember in flashes of blurry images the “Mud Bowl”. I remember the Jets complaints about not putting the tarp down the night before. I remember the Blackwoods and laughing as A.J. Duhe intercepted Todd and ran in for the TD.  I remember the 86′ O’Brien duel with Marino and screaming at our secondary.  I rage with the memory of Dwight Stephenson […]

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Miami Groundhog Day


The Miami Dolphins loss yesterday to the Dallas Cowboys downgraded their miniscule chance to make the playoffs into an infinitesimal one. The defense came to play big early, but offensive mistakes sent the game into a nosedive and ultimately doomed any chance to salvage the game with a victory. What does the loss say about Miami Dolphins other than, “We suck”?! The “Pick Six” is the fourth […]

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Tough Fought And Tasty!


Tough fought and tasty was how I describe today’s Miami Dolphins victory. We took heavy blows early. We were leaning and wobbling on the ropes…heck, I was reeling from the shots. It was so bad we recorded our 3rd straight safety. I thought there was a chance the team would fold up shop and hibernate till 2016. BUT, they didn’t, and […]

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