Does Reshad Finally Have His Robin


Reshad Jones has shone premier talent – but even he can’t play two spots. Has the Miami Dolphins safety Reshad Jones found the Robin to his Batman this season to help protect the top of the defense? Give the uncertainty, at this point, of their perimeter players at corner – they might need it now more than ever. Few would argue that Jones had […]

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Dolphins 2016 Sack Total


Miami’s sack total in 2015 was terrible and was a big reason for their failure. The Miami Dolphins didn’t like their sack total of 2015. They spent a lot of time and money trying to remedy that weakness to support Vance Joseph‘s new Zone-Press scheme. So, what would be a sack total to justify this effort and make 2016 a success? The Dolphins run defense […]

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Where’s Dion Jordan: The Answer Will Cost $3,068,923


“Where’s Dion Jordan” is more than a question about his reinstatement status. If the Dolphins want to find out “where’s Dion Jordan”, it will cost them $3,068,923 to find out the answer. On a “good” note, the money spent to crack this enigma will buy them three answers for the price of one. Currently, Miami is on the hook for $1,378,714 – regardless of his reinstatement. […]

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Training Camp Is Just 1 Week Away


This Dolphins Training Camp will be the Fans first real glimpse at this new regime. Miami is seven days away from the start of the 2016 training camp that begins on Friday July 29th at 9 am. With every new training camp comes excitement born from the hope that the new year will bring success to the Miami Dolphins – and vicariously to we the fans. But, this year’s excitement […]

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Foster Another “Small Ball” Move By Miami


For good or bad, “Small Ball” is Miami’s mode of operation with this front office. The “swap” of Lamar Miller and Arian Foster is a snapshot of the Miami Dolphins new team building concept of “Small Ball”. “Small Ball” is the death by a thousand cuts version of building an NFL team and is fast becoming “all the rage”. Miami’s front office philosophy for some […]

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